Taking a modo class- I'm not very good at 3d, but it's really fun to use as a kind of pre-vis tool. I've used sketchup for a number of years, and Modo's preview-render window makes it really fun and fast to figure out your lighting. I'd like to learn Maya so I  can actually make stuff in a pipeline, but for underlays, Modo is a nice tool!
The class has however, reminded me why I do concept and not 3d: I spent weeks... several weeks fighting the software. Not just learning how to use it, but trying to make it do what I want- while I enjoy problem solving, it's very frustrating when you are being held back because you need to make the technology think like you.

Anyways, I'm not good enough to show just a render of the model so I had to paint over it to make it pretty!


Katy Hargrove said...

I really like the top concept. Super satisfying. And bug ladies are rad too!

Annis Naeem said...

cool. but i think you fight any software when you begin learning. i'm sure you spent weeks fighting how to draw with a tablet or how to make photoshop do what you want to. And still learning photoshop, right? there's designing and then there's illustrating. I think that's the difference that should be clear when you go into anything. Modo/maya aren't painting tools?
as for maya: If you don't plan on modeling for a living i'm not sure how much you really need to learn it. It's much more complicated.

Jparked said...

good start Justin.

I've been learning maya for a few months now, it just really depends on how you want to apply it to your work. I mean for just general block outs modo or sketch up will do.

Regarding Maya, yes it is a bit more complex, but your allowed to do so much more. So it just depends on your trying to accomplish.

Never hurts to learn other tools outside of drawing. Gives us another outlet to generate cool shit.

my 2 cents.

Justin said...

Katy, thanks for stopping by and for all of your help and advice at CTN!

Annis: I agree with you 100%, what I meant by "why I do concept and not 3d" is for a living- as a 3d artist, I'd say there's a larger part of your time spent dealing with technical issues instead of just modelling or texturing. As for Maya, I want to be able to create and animate assets I can put into an engine, which is of course possible with Modo, but as far as the completeness of the tool suite combined with it's massive community and familiarity with the games industry, becomes a much more attractive option than Modo to me!

John: I totally agree- the wider set of experiences to draw from (and tools too I suppose) the better!

Vahe Yefremian said...

I believe the hard work is paying off and it only goes uphill from here! Great stuff dude :)

Annis Naeem said...

I agree as I have already abandoned my pursuit of modo for Maya a while back as well. My point was that if you find modo hard, maya will be even harder since it has more capability.

Jason Scheier said...

Kickass work you have been posting lately, keep up the amazing work. -jason

Brandon said...

Great work my friend. There is no stopping you, you just keep getting better and better. Keep it up.


Simon Scales said...

These are looking great man...keep em coming :)

***** said...

I really like the way you work. good stuff



Mike Bear said...

damn. you're an inspiration!

Ayumi Sophia said...

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