Trying to keep momentum

It's always a task coming down from the high energy of being in term, and I try to stay productive but I know eventually complacence will wash over me. Before that happens, I'm going to try and be as productive as possible. These are for the Creature Planet activity on CGHub. Final illustration is still in progress, but for some reason posting it lights a fire under my ass to push it further, so check back soon.



Some of the only blogworthy work from our Color Theory project this term. :\


Character 1: Second Half

Felt like being a render monkey, and experimented with some photobashing on the creature. After about week 10-11, fifth term leveled out and became pretty easy. Instead of doing more work for classes or spending more time rendering what I had, I invested more time doing personal sketching and painting. Or watching movies. Definitely ready for sixth term.



Figure painting from Bob Kato's class trying to apply stuff learned with Acrylic painting into photoshop.