Perdido Street Station

Finally! This was 5-6 weeks worth of a single class this semester. It was quite a sprint! I feel like very often at Art Center there's this push to say "I need to do some animation style" or "I need to do some live-action style" stuff, and for once, I'm happy to not decide on a style, but just sit down and draw whatever came out. This is definitely not an exercise in originality or high-end polish, but I learned a lot about myself from not trying to force myself down any one tunnel. Due to the short time frame, this end result as a lot farther behind then where I had hoped in week 1. Can't wait to get out of school so I can think at my own pace again and hopefully start breaking some new ground, mentally speaking.

EDIT: In case anyone is wondering, I made an enormous error when I did this project years ago- while listening to the audiobook I managed to completely miss the fact that Isaac is, in fact, black, so I had drawn\painted him as white. I took it down until I have time to redesign the character and do it justice. Please accept my apologies for that :(

Thank you all for looking, I hope you enjoy it!


'North wall' of Pasadena

Did a little digi plein-airing tonight! Learned quite a bit about indicating mountains. Painting the strokes along the 'form' of the mountain is the obvious one, but also how to look for overlapping ridges- by terminating the strokes along an invisible line where one ridge comes in front of another, you can show a bit more depth. It's a basic painting principle, but it took some patience and focus to understand what was happening visually.

Exciting projects this term: will post the first one in it's entirety in about two weeks or so. Until then! Thanks for looking.