More red riding hood development!

I'm liking this direction. It's not the most original or thoughtful painting, but there's plenty of time to refine :)


Sorry it's been so long!

First initial direction exploring for a red riding hood project. Still no idea what I want to do, but this was a very fun piece to break away from my normal stuff. Saving for web loses alot of the depth (especially in the bottom- the original has more details and doesn't go to black like that :<), but the image is still mostly in tact.

edit; Oh oh oh!! I also forgot to mention! Through alot of great fortune and the hard work of Kenneth Scott and Nicolas Bouvier, I'm currently interning in Redmond, WA at 343 industries, helping to expand the Halo universe! Having a blast and am enjoying the change of scenery! (also glad to be working with Robogabo and Glenn Isreal!)