Drive inspired Speedy

Picked up Drive the other day- a book by Annis Naeem, Danny Gardner, and Scott Robertson. Very inspired by all the vehicles and couldn't help but pay homage to the superb "Salvage" section with a down-and-dirty doodle. After detaining the books for weeks, homeland security has finally confirmed the books aren't terrorist training manuals, so you will be able to pick up a copy soon- and I recommend you do.

Hopefully next term I'll get good enough at this stuff that your eyes stop bleeding. Until then, my apologies!

EDIT: I got some good feedback from a friend in transportation design, so I tried to change things a bit to correct it:


More Architecture Homework

Not as happy with this one as the last: Something is wrong with my perspective on the main building... You just cant trust those damned 3d programs, can you? Maybe it's my sketching that needs work <_< And for those wondering, it's a very very large nod to Lindblum, probably one of my favorite cities in a video game ever.