One of the Albatross Pilots

Here's one of the pilots of the ship from before. The ideations look really dorky, as if his neck is craned out.. so I shrunk his head and twisted it to make it both more serious and dynamic. 

This character is supposed to be a space salvage pirate...He teams up with a hacker friend of his to disable the security systems on abandoned ships floating in Wild Space, then stealing both useful parts as well as data and AI systems that he can sell on the black market. He isn't so much a Jack Sparrow- he sees himself a bit more as a bad-ass Robin Hood.

(Also, I tried really really hard to escape from Mass Effect influences while obeying the assignment, but it still permeates the whole thing... damn!)

Still stuff to fix with the final probably... might get back to it later.


Here are featured both the brand new and 'Certified Pre-Owned' versions of the Albatross. Next? The Albatross Custom (retrofitting it, louder muffler, maybe a body kit and some cool flame decals!)
(sidenote: no 3d used.. photos used on the weathered version to add texture)


The most beautiful sunset I have ever seen.

You know those times when you see something so completely and extraordinarily beautiful that you just 'yip' and stand their with your jaw open? Tonight after the rain clouds were dispersing over Pasadena, I caught a glimpse of what must be the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my entire life. Photos can't even come close to doing it justice. I attempted to paint it on the spot with my laptop, failing miserably as the rain came back 3 minutes in. I stood there trying to absorb every detail about it, not sure if I could re paint it or not.

I tried, and again failed pretty terribly. but it helps me to cling to that memory, which I enjoy very much.


Experimentation part 2

Similar as last week, but with spaceships this time, and a large amount more rough around the edges. Now it's time to refine the design (make it pleasing while maintaining originality) and make it photoreal. I'm scared :<
Sorry for the ruddyness, I'm not terribly motivated to take any of these designs further as they are pretty unsuccessful. (though fun!)


These were all experiments in idea generation for the first day of homework for Scott Robertson's Viscom 4 class at Art Center. I'm not particularly proud of the results, but I got enough positive feedback I thought it couldn't hurt to post here. I dont have much mechy techy stuff anyways.

These are just laser bots. I gave each of the six some different personality traits. We are doing another set of 6 experiments this week, so I won't be taking any of these to polish. (Also, don't read any of the info... I did an all nighter and couldn't even type straight english.)