Trying to keep momentum

It's always a task coming down from the high energy of being in term, and I try to stay productive but I know eventually complacence will wash over me. Before that happens, I'm going to try and be as productive as possible. These are for the Creature Planet activity on CGHub. Final illustration is still in progress, but for some reason posting it lights a fire under my ass to push it further, so check back soon.


Danny Gardner said...

Nice mang. Textures, color, design, styling - especially on the ortho page is workin supremely. me gusto nacho supreme! gj bra

Jparked said...

sweet, love the action shot.

Zachary said...

Overall design is looking pretty sexy. Like the direction the illustration is headed (especially that cool light on the side -- really nice indication of form).

I think you could indicate the anatomy in the legs much more effectively than you have currently -- right now they are sort of generic "tubes" covered in scales -- plated turtles and lizards still have a lot of their musculature visible in their legs.

I understand its a WIP: just food for thought. Keep up the momentum!