Drive inspired Speedy

Picked up Drive the other day- a book by Annis Naeem, Danny Gardner, and Scott Robertson. Very inspired by all the vehicles and couldn't help but pay homage to the superb "Salvage" section with a down-and-dirty doodle. After detaining the books for weeks, homeland security has finally confirmed the books aren't terrorist training manuals, so you will be able to pick up a copy soon- and I recommend you do.

Hopefully next term I'll get good enough at this stuff that your eyes stop bleeding. Until then, my apologies!

EDIT: I got some good feedback from a friend in transportation design, so I tried to change things a bit to correct it:


Nick Wan said...

bah, my eyes never bleed. they are jaded by the atrocity of my own work.

great looking rough, excellent colors, dunno what you're talking about.

Carlos said...

What's up Justin, nice off-road car but i dont know if that was your intention, there's no space between the fender flares and the tires, which automatically makes the car useless for its off-road purposes, and judging buy the extreme tumblehome of the cabin and size of the people, this vehicle looks like a tamdem configuration...you know, like F-14 pilots...Carlos A (5th term trans)

Justin said...

Thanks for stopping by Carlos! I tried to fix it the best I could, let me know if there's anything else. As for the tandem cockpit, that was intentional so that's still the same. But thanks for your feedback and for stopping by! Hope term is wrapping up good for you!