With this post comes the close of the first half of Art Center Life.

One of my final paintings for Costume design. Very rushed but the best of the 3.


Chase Standley said...

Hey Justin, Beautiful stuff you got going on here man:)

I was thinking about going to art center. I was to late to sign up for entertainment design and was thinking about maybe going with the Illustration(entertainment arts) portion. Do you think its best to wait a year or is entertainment arts worth the money as well?

Justin said...

To be honest, it's probably worth it to wait a year. There is a difference between the two- Arts leans much more on the animation style side- but there is also not as strong an emphasis on design- or at least, not the same kind of design.

If you prefer to paint illustrations more than you like to quickly sketch ideas, arts is probably for you. If you are undecided, I would say try for design anyways because you will have an easier time getting out of ent design if you don't like it than you will getting in to it if you want to transfer from arts.

Billy Wimblett said...

Hey Justin, really great stuff here! Looking forward to more for sure.

By the way congratulations on the internship at 343 industries :)

Wayne Parker said...

Just stumbled across this and I have been pleasantly surprised. Justin you have improved a lot since we last talked on CA.org. So happy to see you still at it and doing well. I've switched gears towards concept art as opposed to animation as well. Take care man. Wayne (a.k.a) artmessiah.

Paul Hamblin said...

There is some really nice stuff here, keep it up!