In viscom 4 we are trying to dissect what makes a good quick 'sketch'- not so much in the form of a pencil sketch, but anything that is quick and communicates fast and accurately, and is appealing. After doing some research and experiments, I've grown fond of the sort of 'oil painter' approach that some people like Justin Sweet seem to employ- painting on top of your ground (toned cavnas). I've finally set up a tiny space where I can practice oils, so maybe given a little gamsol and a few years I can figure out the whole painting thing and do this a bit more justice...
-One huge thing that this assignment has reinforced though, is that if you spend a good amount more love on your drawing, rendering not only becomes more fun, but a bit easier. I heard a concept guy say once 'you need to put as much information as you possibly can into each sketch you do'. I would substitute the word information with either 'knowledge' or 'research'. In creatures, for example, the more accurately you can represent anatomy in a drawing, the better that sketch will sell. I know that sounds super basic but.. in my mind it pushes me to sketch harder.

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Moai said...

Thanks for those words on sketching. I'm never quite sure how much to define in the sketching stage and how much to paint in later, so that's good advice.

AWESOME creature design!