One of the Albatross Pilots

Here's one of the pilots of the ship from before. The ideations look really dorky, as if his neck is craned out.. so I shrunk his head and twisted it to make it both more serious and dynamic. 

This character is supposed to be a space salvage pirate...He teams up with a hacker friend of his to disable the security systems on abandoned ships floating in Wild Space, then stealing both useful parts as well as data and AI systems that he can sell on the black market. He isn't so much a Jack Sparrow- he sees himself a bit more as a bad-ass Robin Hood.

(Also, I tried really really hard to escape from Mass Effect influences while obeying the assignment, but it still permeates the whole thing... damn!)

Still stuff to fix with the final probably... might get back to it later.


Wilson Huang said...

Haha looks good Justin! Like you said, it does look a bit too Mass Effect-y though; perhaps a slight costume alteration (sharper angles?) or removing of the thing around the neck could fix that a bit... All in all good stuff man!

Matt Rhodes said...

sweet, this turned out great. I see what you mean about the mass effect influence, but what might help is to include a couple surprising, classical pirate materials. maybe some of his space costume is made of rough cloth (like burlap). Or there are a couple embroidered details on his coveralls? OH! One more idea (and i know, you're probably finished at this point), maybe imply that the light coming from above is filtered through a lattice. Like in an old galleon. Cool to see some of those faces though. really nice exploration.

Lindsey said...

Vvvvery hard to resist Mass Effect influences lately. *guilty*

For me it's the light blue grey on dark blue grey that says Mass Effect, that's the color scheme for the Normandy's crew. It does look super good with the yellow of the Albatross though.

Lindsey said...

Hmmm one thing, when you cover up the body and just look at the upraised arm, it looks like the arm is rotating backwards. I did a wee paintover.


Michael Yates said...

loving the design and the explorations!

Moai said...

Very nice shape exploration!