Murat Kayi said...

this has great storytelling in it! The gate looks both serene and foreboding.

Robert Simons said...

grati to see this stuff up man it looked really grate on monday keep this coming

danny gardner said...

wow, so much better on screen, i love the blue one, nice scale and mood!

Harold Bennett said...
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Harold Bennett said...

Hey Justin,
you've got some decent stuff here.
I think your understanding of lighting needs some work, in most of your paintings the lighting is pretty random. I suggest that you seriously study how light works.
You will notice a huge improvement if you do so.



Justin said...

Harold, I agree with you 100% :D hopefully over winter I will get an opportunity as there is very little time available while classes are going on!

Harold Bennett said...

Hey Justin,

I'm glad to hear that.
I'll check up on you every now and then and see how you are doing!

Take care,