need to balance my textures better... and maybe start spending more than just an hour on these... x_x


dchan said...

Damn I have missed allot! great updates for sure! awesome work man! So much great stuff to look at I had to switch many times between. Keep up the good work.

Gary said...

Hey justin
nice to see you there pal
this one is really good.
you must finish it.

maybe too much yellow for me.
my two cent

give us more =)

Justin said...

Gary, maybe I will do a few more quickies first to make sure I have a big selection to finish, but I do need to finish something. I do think the sand it too yellow as well... I relied too much on layer effects and not enough on knowledge =\

ramon said...

hella pimp. Watch the hard edges on the hills though, and don't make your shadows too inky, try to use reflected light as an excuse to get some color movement. Would love to see this one finished!

Anonymous said...