Just dropping in!

Hey everyone! I was just reminded how long it's been since I posted here, so just wanted to revisit it. I also have a twitter now, where I post lots of much faster, smaller sketches, but the bulk of my activity happens on tumblr! Sorry for the formatting weirdness: just one of the reasons I have moved away from blogspot as a platform. As usual, thanks for stopping by :)


WOAH IT'S BEEN FOREVER! Here's a thing I did!

Yeah so- gearing up bigtime for CTN! Will be updating to an actual website soon, hold on to your butts!

Thanks as always for tuning in :)


Started a Tumblr!

Hi all!

I will be doing some renovations soon, but if you want more frequent updates than are featured here, be sure to check out my tumblr or follow me on facebook!

Here's a speedpainting from a while back:


Bedouin Sketch

Me and my weird love of desert cultures!


Here's some stuff inspired by the Hobbit! Trying to read through it before I see the movie this weekend.


Hangar Approach

It's been a long time, sorry about that! Was hoping to be doing more finished stuff, but instead I've been doing a lot more studies, trying to go back and hone in my fundamentals. This was a little exercise in both sci-fi styling and playing with materials. There's a little menagerie of anatomy issues, but I got what I wanted out of it so decided to move on.



Needed to unwind a bit today, so decided to go a bit more abstract.  I had the pleasure of attending an exhibition of Syd Mead's work, and really gained a much bigger appreciation for him. Like with any artist, seeing the original piece of work is much more impactful and emotional than seeing it reproduced on paper or pixels.



Taking a modo class- I'm not very good at 3d, but it's really fun to use as a kind of pre-vis tool. I've used sketchup for a number of years, and Modo's preview-render window makes it really fun and fast to figure out your lighting. I'd like to learn Maya so I  can actually make stuff in a pipeline, but for underlays, Modo is a nice tool!
The class has however, reminded me why I do concept and not 3d: I spent weeks... several weeks fighting the software. Not just learning how to use it, but trying to make it do what I want- while I enjoy problem solving, it's very frustrating when you are being held back because you need to make the technology think like you.

Anyways, I'm not good enough to show just a render of the model so I had to paint over it to make it pretty!


Perdido Street Station

Finally! This was 5-6 weeks worth of a single class this semester. It was quite a sprint! I feel like very often at Art Center there's this push to say "I need to do some animation style" or "I need to do some live-action style" stuff, and for once, I'm happy to not decide on a style, but just sit down and draw whatever came out. This is definitely not an exercise in originality or high-end polish, but I learned a lot about myself from not trying to force myself down any one tunnel. Due to the short time frame, this end result as a lot farther behind then where I had hoped in week 1. Can't wait to get out of school so I can think at my own pace again and hopefully start breaking some new ground, mentally speaking.

EDIT: In case anyone is wondering, I made an enormous error when I did this project years ago- while listening to the audiobook I managed to completely miss the fact that Isaac is, in fact, black, so I had drawn\painted him as white. I took it down until I have time to redesign the character and do it justice. Please accept my apologies for that :(

Thank you all for looking, I hope you enjoy it!


'North wall' of Pasadena

Did a little digi plein-airing tonight! Learned quite a bit about indicating mountains. Painting the strokes along the 'form' of the mountain is the obvious one, but also how to look for overlapping ridges- by terminating the strokes along an invisible line where one ridge comes in front of another, you can show a bit more depth. It's a basic painting principle, but it took some patience and focus to understand what was happening visually.

Exciting projects this term: will post the first one in it's entirety in about two weeks or so. Until then! Thanks for looking.



It's been a while... This was done for one of the community activities on CGHub. About to enter my last year of Art Center, I'm looking forward to doing lots of figure drawing. There are lots of issues I'm running into realizing how much more time I wish I had to go the last 3 years. Unfortunately, Ent Design's schedule doesn't make too much room for the workshops :<


The rest of term 6

Here's again, just some of the better part of the term for me. 


Doom Project for Architecture

 This was a 3-4 class assignment. There was alot more work to it (research, reference, and sketching actual props from Doom 3 to internalize the form language), but that stuff is boring!